J. Cole

"Remember (English version)"

Ver 1:
Walk a little to ease some anger
And there are times when thinking, faster than legs
There are many things, this guy lost teaching, still have to learn
And there are thorny fragrant roses
Having thought is a hesitant step
Having a stray heart is similar, chaotic in sorrow
There is a bit of peace, change, starting with prejudice
A little nice idea, good words, old dream, me with my hand, ashes
And the fire, just burned, this world
I don't understand, I still sit here
Between fog and cloudy hill
There is a crazy guy, looking for peace
And there are warriors who find meditation
Sin also does not need justification
There are things that are called deterministic
And things, it's never my turn
There are things that we have, there are things we just look at
Babe, i don't have ... babe, i don't have

Hook 1:
Nitaline, corein, i haven't tried ayahuasca yet and still haven't battered
Lack of savia, ashine, zsb, 25m, aphitamin
Is there anything you don't have ...
Because babe lacks you

Ver 2:
There are a pair of empty hands and an empty head
Have a dream but always live forever
There are times when losing control and calming down moments
There are things that you are right and try to convince yourself that you are wrong
There's sweet honey to kill flies ...
Words to flap your hands
There are people who should die
Give it a clean ecosystem
Someone right - never encountered temptation
There are people who know how to correct, rich in pit, have walked through the long days ...
Late that glide across
A lot of eyes - a lot of marketing - a bit of sympathy - is not worth it
There are things that are not necessarily wasted
Sometimes it is a good thing when I am suffering
It should be ...
There is a little regret the support already
There are times when breathlessness, rapid breathing and speechlessness
There are times when I'm crazy
There are times when I think clearly but in the end I just dumb!
And ... There are also things that cannot be remembered
There are mistakes, there are regrets and torments
And there's a cup of hot cocoa to baptize
Money, not much, but enough to spend
The problem is also not much and enough
His life is also rich and full but he is still weak
Baby because I'm missing ...

Hook 2:
Nicotine, cannabis, mdma and cocaine
Mushrooms, truffles, morning glory, baby woodrose
Dmt, mescaline, ketamine, heroin
And i may also be missing stamps
And most importantly, I lack you. (Babe)

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