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J. Cole

"Hell Nah*"

Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
I be on no no no
Leave me all alone lone lone
Put it on flow flow flow
Put it on flow flow flow
Booty on go go go go
I be 'round with you girl, you want it
I be 'round with you girl, where I go
I don't go, I don't go
You don't go where I go, no
Where I go, no

[Verse 1]
I might do 'em brodie on the PCH (f**k up out my face)
For all the times these n***as playa hate (f**k up out my face)
Sometimes man, the world and all its weight (f**k up out my face)
Feel like when your side b*t*h say she late (f**k)
I'm in a house n***a, Bill Maher
And some legends that can vouch n***a, a real star
Went from sleepin' on your couch n***a to real far
Teachers thought I'd only sip Henny and steal cars
f**k all you hoes
sh*t so tough, I hit the bar
Lil jazz drum, but I play guitar
No bad hoes, just cheap cigars
Act like they can't sweep like Steph, LeBron
I be in there, thinkin' how I'm blessed for sure
God got me but rest assured
I got friends and fam who kill for the boy
And bring techs to my side like tech support, yeah
Man sometimes my life fell apart like I kill sh*t
When you move it twice, but I'm back, I ain't hot
Maury said that that's a lie
They said you gon stay that way
I said, n***a, show you right
Motherf**ker, show you right
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