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J. Cole

"Lion King on Ice"

Your every kiss, your every touch

I got blood on my hands, I ain't gon' lie
I got mud on my shoes, I ain't gon' lie
I got real, real big plans, I ain't gon' lie
Got a whole lot to prove, I ain't gon' lie
I got blood on my hands, I ain't gon' lie
I got mud on my shoes, I ain't gon' lie
I got real, real big plans, I ain't gon' lie
Got a whole lot to prove, uh

[Verse 1]
Sip from the bottle for sh*t that we bottlin' in
Goin' live, but we not on the 'Gram
This the land of supply and demand
Where my young n***as choppin' up grams
And them choppers won't pry from they hands
Packin' lead like they got a exam

If it's beef, my n***as look just like homewreckers
They got they eye on your mans
I pray to God that it jam
Too many done died in these parts
So we gotta be smart if we tryna see August
Some n***as won't make it past summer regardless
I'm tryin' my hardest to stack my deposits
These n***as be lookin' at me like I got it
Deep down inside, though, I still feel as broke
As that n***a who just graduated from college

Scrapin' up change that got left in my pockets
I'm tryna make nickels turn into a dollar
Ridin' the train, way too shy to go holler
Just watched her get off at her stop, I'm a coward
f**k it, though, you got a way bigger target
I'ma do it so big, they won't know what to call it
Sound like a whole Lambo' truck in my stomach
b*t*h, I ain't hungry, this feeling is starving

Gotta move mama from out them apartments
Gotta put 'Ville on the map, we forgotten
Gotta hit hoes you hang up in your locker
Gotta get rich, 'cause my granny picked cotton
Gotta make hits, 'cause if not, then I'm floppin'
Gotta stay me in the process
n***as dissed me, it was nonsense
I sat 'em down like his father
My n***a asked, "Why you bother?
We should've caught him and mobbed him"
I said, "We gotta move smarter"
Don't wan' be the reason for one more sad song
I tried to warn n***as they wouldn't last long
I hope that you see how they came and they went
They shots never hit, but they made they attempts

May have a good year like that name on the blimp
But you know what it takes to be poppin' this long?
Dedication on another level n***as never seen in they life
Celebratin' all your first downs like they touchdowns bring a price

Young Simba had the bustdown, yeah, the Lion King on ice
n***as wanted me to look the part, had to stop takin' advice
Put the jewelry to the side, had to find me, had to find God

Half the time, we be pacifyin', what they expect from us?
But that's treacherous, that shows less of us
I need y'all to see every part of me
Every scar and every artery
Every story that I can recall, then I can fall

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