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J. Cole

"Mount Sinai (The Climb Back Freestyle)"

Are you doin' this work to facilitate growth or to become famous?
Which is more important?
Getting or letting go?

I’m putting my efforts on record so someone could reach me
The devil's been plotting on how he could rotten my speech when there’s nothing to teach me
My listeners know this, If not then they’ll notice, Irregular motives, I’m killing to cope with the feeling beseeching, the feeling of sinking
Can’t die when you soulless, that’s what I’ve been thinking, cause sh*t n***as inking
On record is devilish kojin, the flow is erosion, no wonder they reaching
Too full of emotion, they lose they composure, and die from extortion, or too much exposure
Repeating the cycle of Moses from Genesis teachings
Remember the bleaching, A mental psychosis, And literal leaching, of general culture I’m physically grieving, but haven’t been weeping
Replied to the beacon of light I’ve been seeking, too soon to release it
One day when it’s over, We’ll conquer our demons is something I told her
Went back to the Kingdom, beheading the cobra
No longer appeasing, No longer a soldier
No longer appeasing, No longer a soldier
No longer appeasing

Everything comes back around full circle
Why do lies sound pleasant, but the truth hurtful?
Everybody gotta cry once in a while
How long will it take before you smile?
This is that come back to life sh*t
My n***as pick me up and we gonna light the city up as if the sun had a night shift
And paint the town red for my n***as found dead too soon
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