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J. Cole

"The Climb Back (Cover)"

[Intro Sample]
Are you doin' this work to facilitate growth or to become famous?
Which is more important?
Getting or letting go?

Hmm, yeah
Oh sh*t, I just had to get on this one
Hm hmm
Yeah yeah
I, I'm just, okay

Everything come back around full circle
Why do lies sound pleasant but the truth hurtful?
Everybody gotta cry once in a while
But how long will it take 'fore you smile?
This is that come back to life sh*t
My n***as pick me up and we gon' light the city up as if the sun had the night shift
And paint the town red for my n***a found dead too soon

To the left of that driver seat ima need ride or die ting
Or a brother who'd take a charge for me like a wire string
I can't have n***as turn they backs on me masek'shub
Just to come back around like they know me masek'lung'
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