Bullet Proof Bars



Come on, let's take a picture of this life we living
You see n***as work like slaves, just so they can make a living
You got b*t*hes buried in make-up, topped off with weave
Thinking they about to get a single puff of this weed
Without giving up some pu**y, man these hoes need to stop it
Girl you pulling my leg, you got me twisted like a Bop It
I done opened many doors without the muf**king key
Yea n***a you cool, but you ain't cool with me
Pull some sh*t up out the crate, killing all this new wack sh*t
Fully equipped with the crack b*t*h
In Saks Fifth, I gotta get mysеlf together
I slowly hit them cornеrs, sitting on that Cadi leather
I ain't got nothing left but my family and my brethren's
Of course I got the man that's gon get me into heaven
I'm the jump cable to the hip hop engine
I give boosts while these n***as just boost, you need to listen
Yea, I don't know, who is raising these young n***as
Run up on a n***a, rob a n***a for 1 figure
Wanna be a gangsta so damn bad
Now you in the joint, tryna keep these n***as out yo ass
Raised in Detroit, but I do the total opposite
Than any other n***a in my city tryna drop a whip
Drop a grip, on a new Mercedes and a diamond neck
Focus on yo cheddar, when you look up you gon have respect
But it ain't the cheddar that's gon get n***as behind you
A motivating mindset, must I remind you
Crazy how being a goon, n***as gas you up
But when it come down to a business play, n***as pass you up
Now you looking sad as f**k, tears hit yo collar
Cuz you got more bodies than yo ass got dollars
And you think that you the sh*t because of that, lil busta
Cuz without that gun, you a busta
And these n***as dead, gotta bury like that n***a Stephon
I'm the rawest n***a that the motor city can find
Chicken salad on the side with some honey Dijon
She already know what's up when that car seat recline
She ain't in my range, so I gotta dog her, call me rover
Four leaf clover, I get lucky with yo b*t*h and then it's over
Cold shoulder
I got some cheese she thinking i'm a hero
Plus the jeweler threw some ice on me, now he sub zero
Don't be a b*t*h in this game or get b*t*hed in this game
Can't be clueless, some fluke, some switched, i'm the same
And these b*t*hes, you know I had to say something
On Snapchat, looking at the camera, saying nothing
Look up b*t*h, get yo face up out yo phone
Too late, by time you look up b*t*h i'm on and I'm gone
Feel the fury of a n***a who so tired of goofy b*t*hes
Make them feel sorry that they dipped, man that's my intentions

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