Einstein Thoughts lyrics


Think I finally got this sh*t perfected
Gone missing
Had to dip the necklace
And make it stack like a game of tetris
I'm the man like
Red Method
Check my methods
I'm well respected
In every hood
Every ghetto I go
They follow my drip
Loving the flow
Give her a smile
I know she gon roll fasho

Look in my eyes
You see the battles
You see the war
You see the scars
Check out the passion
f**k the awards
And f**k all that fashion talk
Based off rap
Hurdled passed em all
In the lab I been cooking like I'm Einstein
Is he crazy?
Is he genius?
That's a fine line
Plug talk Escobina on the FaceTime
She f**ked off her makeup giving me face time
That's a fact
On these beats I tell no lies
I ain't make a mill yet
That sh*t take time
On some real sh*t
I just need a b*t*h to make the bag flip
I cannot afford to live average
Motherf**k a Ford I need a Aston
Gotta do the dash when I smash it
Always shoot first
I don't pass it

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