OG ManMan
[Verse 1]
First off n***a, let me load my pistol
Flock sneak dissing but don’t want no issue
Keep playing n***a, I swear to god they gon’ miss you
Once I get to spraying I swear to god I’m gon’ hit you
N***a you a b*t*h, that’s why I can’t f**k with you
Keep taking pics but those not your pistols
Ask yourself n***a, have you ever met a killer?
Don’t answer that, n***as know my trigger finger itching
I know why you mad, ‘cause I’m f**king your b*t*hes
Stop playing with me n***a, talkin’ ‘bout I’m snitching
Rest in p*ss to Lil Chris, yeah, I know they f**king miss him
Don’t trip, his whole squad gon’ lay there with him
I’m not a real rapper, I’m a real live hitter
Shoot a n***a’s a** down and throw the body in the river
I’m not a real rapper, I’m a f**king grave digger
Throw his a** off a bridge like they did C-Diddy

[Interlude: News Reporters]
We’re getting new details about the Hampton University student who fell to his death early this morning. Investigators still piecing together what happened in Richmond, here’s Marissa Jasek. Police say a Hampton University student fell to his death in Richmond early Friday morning. The body of 19 year old Christopher Smith was found around 2:30 below the I-64 eastbound Shockoe Valley bridge

[Verse 2]
You a PG n***a, I’m a Southeast n***a
I’m really in the streets, you the type to tweet n***as
When you was beefing with Glizzy, yeah you called me n***a
What I do? I pulled up with a chopper and a 50
You a pu**y n***a, you was scared to get busy
You said kill you now, well I’ma leave this b*t*h empty
N***a we ain’t friends ‘cause you always been an enemy
Catch me riding in my BM, I can’t wait to get a Bentley