"Fresh Finds 8/12/15"

Pridjevi - Kantarion (Ili Gospina Trava)
Sea Moya - Slow Down
Reece - Don't Go
Owen Rabbit - Holy Holy
Back Back Forward Punch - Settle the Score
With You. - Ghost ft. Vince Staples
Inner Oceans - 8 Cousins
Happy Diving - So Bunted
Wimps - Super Me
Simon Love - **** (Is a Dirty Word)
Ben Varian - Szechuan Palace
The Bad Tenants - Let Him Burn
Swimm - Belly
Zachary Cale - Sundowner
Michael Stasis - The Necklace
Johanan - Go On (Let It Go)
Joni Payne - Must Have
Paper - Come On
Glass Vaults - Sojourn
Sink Tapes - You Shouldn't Have
Deaf Wish - Sunset's Fool
Xolo - Moonless
Briana Marela - Take Care of Me
Lorna - Like Alastair Sim
Joan Shelley - Stay On My Shore
Small Feet - All And Everyone
Slim Twig - A Woman's Touch (It's No Coincidence)
Avenue - Our Love
Meltybrains? - The Vine
Loose Meat - Inside the Sun
Heathered Pearls Shigeto - Abandoned Mall Utopia
Fingers - Tantrum Time
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