"Fresh Finds 9/23/15"

The Colours - For You
Carroll - Bad Water
Saltwater Sun - Making Eyes
Trudy - Behave
Palmas - I Want to Know (Your Love)
Let's Say We Did - Sometimes Every Second Is a Dream
George Clanton - It Makes the Babies Want to Cry
Dreamtrak Amateur Best - Control 2
Emerson Jay - Move
Bo Rocha - Live Fast Or Die
Wales - Falling
Roseau - Salt
Heim - Shine
The Homesick - Boys
Primitive Parts - Miracle Skin
DIÄT - Young & Successful
Sink Tapes - Spacecraft Theatrical
Salad Boys - Better Pickups
Air Waves - Milky Way
Dead Leaf Echo - Lemonheart
Edmund Wayne - Set for Two
Get Inuit - I Am the Hot Air
Silverbird - Brooklyn
Mary Halvorson - Cheshire Hotel
Dan Friel - Life (Pt. 1)
Capra Informis - Womb of the Wild
Big Brave - On the by and by and Thereon
Pumarosa - Priestess
Grumby Häri Mint - Refuse
Abhi Dijon - Say Yeah!
Tunji Ige - Dark Liquor
ItsNate Jd.reid - WG1KLG (Mr. Mitch Remix)
Sam Binga - Wasted Days ft. Warrior Queen
Layla Hendryx - B.T.W
Natasha Kmeto - On a String
Super Duper - Innocence ft. REMMI
New Portals - Groove Boy
Muna - Loudspeaker
Max Pope - All That I Need
Superhuman Happiness - Middle Ground
French Leave - Head Over Heels
Trick Swayze - Guts & Glamour
Roos - Något Som ft. Hanna
Her Magic Wand - Draw A Line
Fitness Club Fiasco - Foolish
Rambling Nicholas Heron - Long Ago Summer Sound
Gun Outfit - Only Ever Over
Will Samson - Tumble
Luke Janela - An Old Vow
Alana Yorke - Anthem
Ajimal - Apathy / Apatheia
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