"Doomed - Commentary"

Hello, this is Oli from Bring Me The Horizon. This is the track-by-track of our new album, That's The Spirit. "Doomed" was the first track that we wrote for the album, and it was also the last track we finished. It was intended to be the first song on the album, because it made it clear that this record isn't gonna be like what you've heard before, because we explored ideas out of our comfort zone and it was this really weird instrumental track, which I loved and I had no idea what to do with it. And no matter what I wrote for the chorus, it just didnt sound right, and we were so close to scrapping the track completely. We recorded it in a silent arena. But in the final push to complete it, when [?], I cracked it, and in a way this absolute nightmare that contributed to the subject matter of song. It's about how most of my life feels like an unmanageable monster that I can't keep at bay. The first half of the track is my self-destructive, nihilistic side of me. The side that doesn't want to wake up, a side that consumed me until I went and got help. In the second half is this lyric, "the devil told me 'no room for cheats,' I thought I sold my soul, but he kept the receipt," and that's me basically getting a second chance, even though it seemed like I had a death wish. Rather than trying to fight these demons, I should embrace them. I guess it's me realizing that I secretly enjoy this [?]. I think I secretly find depression romantic, and sometimes I just like to let it take over me. It's almost like a euphoric sadness - it cleanses your mind if you just let it happen. And that's what it's all about, this album. It's about celebrating the darkness.
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