"Meek Mill: Wins & Losses (Spotify Freestyle)"

Uh, went from selling cocaina to selling out arenas
Yeah, yeah Louie flip flops pulling yachts at the Marina
Dirty young boys living like you've never seen 'em
Flows on Jalapeno, my hoes on Aquifina, I goes the la marina the school
A Spanish broad, I met me a Spanish plug
He gettin' that vendor off that Holyfield
I hand them the cash, he throw me raw, you know it's real
Ducking them indictments, it was so exciting
Serving pipers to go to Vegas, back when Floyd was fightin'
Carbon fibre, 'Rari attire when we flew by ya
b*t*hes used to tell us we ugly, now they being biased
We the flyest, we beat them streets up n***a, we survivors
Walk in the building, look at the sheet when they see a lion
Totin' choppers, stacking narcotics and we beatin' bodies
And I be gettin' n***a's pu**y just from being biased
Tell me I'm losing, what do you mean?
Westbrook baby, no switching teams
Drop a triple-double every time I'm on the scene
I won't claim that b*t*h, that's Billie Jean
She's not my lover
Lethal weapon, Danny Glover
OJ style when I cut her
Pulling my gloves up
Say I'm not guilty, I lucked up
These n***as got me f**ked up
Ball on these n***as every time I cop
Coming down Collins in a brand new drop
Hermes seats with my son little Pap
Watching cartoons in the back, Spongebob (Uh)
Hold up, this is my c*cky flow
Damn Danny, why you the son of Mr. Miyagi tho?
This that rose gold Patek, cost me like 94
Mean nothin' to me, but I'll tell you how I get it thought
[??] sleep on the corner when the block was slow
Everybody was tryna trap, we started poppin' tho
Hurt a b*t*h, said she cut me, I was like "Adios"
In the field knock 'em down they look like like dominoes
Young n***a, I turned my Impala to a Wraith, n***a
When you get a dollar they gon' hate, n***a
Bought my mom the crib with the gate, n***a
Private school for all them babies, now we straight
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