"New Music Friday Christian 03/22/19"

Mack Brock - King Of Heaven
Danny Gokey - Wanted
Stars Go Dim - For Worse Or Better
Local Sound - Heaven
Mike Mains & The Branches - Around the Corner
Ben Ford - Currency
WYLD - Brighter (feat. SSTEDI)
PEABOD - Side Hustle
Skrip - For The Dreamers
ØM-53 - Holy (Forever We Will Sing)
Sarah Kroger - Freedom In the Spirit (feat. Adam Agin)
Matthew West - Unplanned (From "Unplanned")
Jonathan Cain - More Like Jesus
Luke + Anna Hellebronth - All for Love (Gethsemane)
Influencers Worship - Believe Again
Janice Gaines - Lead Me
North Point InsideOut - Anchor Of Peace (feat. Desi Raines)
Quinten Coblentz - Spacewalk (feat. Deraj)
YB - No Boxes
Cellus Hamilton - Trespassing
Deraj - Dance
planetboom - Jesus Over Everything
Jon Egan - Be Strong (Live)
Red Rocks Worship - Breakthrough (Live)
Isla Vista Worship - Opened Up the Heavens
Philip Herndon - Greatest Love Story
** Manafest - Come Back Home (feat. Trevor McNevan)
My Epic - White Noises (feat. Cory Brandan)
Justin Jarvis - Not Afraid
Ian Yates - Chemical Heart
Nathan Taylor - How Could I Be Silent
Latifah Makuyi - Strong In The Fire
Malik Nichols - Victory
Nicole Serrano - Broken & Open
Young Oceans - Only You (Among the Ruins)
Chris & Bethany Solyntjes - Just Be
Collington - Mountain
Steven Curtis Chapman - Be Still and Know (feat. Caleb Chapman)
Candy West - Watch God Work It Out
Aretha Franklin - You Grow Closer (Remastered/2019)
Maranda Curtis - I'm All In
** Homegrown Worship - Lift Up the Name
Whitlee Casey - Call on Jesus
Antioch Music - Unchanging (Nations Edition) (Live)
Danielle Noonan - Spirit Move
Calvary Worship - Coronation (Come & See)
10,000 Fathers - The Cross Was Not The End (feat. David Walker)
Bryson Cole - Prosper
Double Atl - Product (feat. Ty Brasel)
Paradox Music - The Darkness Won't Survive
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