"New Music Friday Christian 06/14/19"

Skillet - Anchor
Jason Gray - Order Disorder Reorder
Allan Scott - Bright
Sean Curran - All Praise
York Worship - Heavenly Father
for KING & COUNTRY, Echosmith - God Only Knows (Timbaland Remix)
Trinity (NL) - Living to Love
LYA - I've Got a Fire
Alive City - So Will I
Jared Wood - No Hold On Me
Rock City Worship - How Deep
10,000 Fathers - Just Like That (Live) (feat. Kevin Corry)
Danny O'Callaghan - Freedom
John Mark Pantana - On Your Mind
The Eagle and Child - Nothing Like Your Love
GALLERY - Life in Color (Revised) (feat. MvkeyyJ)
Melody Lynn - Breathing New Life
Lord Badu - Shine
Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. & The Full Gospel Ministry of Worship - Jesus (feat. Vernon Byrd)
DJ Mykael V - Doing the Most (feat. Bachi, Ray Benton)
Phil J. - Kool Kid
Samantha Howard - Waiting
Brian Doerksen - Faithful One (Radio Edit) (feat. Kathryn Scott)
Hyper Fenton & Moflo Music - Selfish
P. Lo Jetson - Juice 4 Sale
Charlene Nash - Deep
Alvin Love - Hold Tight
St Aldates Worship - Loyal In Your Love (feat. Tom Read)
We, The Saints - Sing Over Me
Heights Music - I Believe (Father of Hope)
Autopilot Worship - It's Done
Brettan Cox - The Day I Was Born
The Sing Team - Oh! Great Is Our God! (Live)
Curt Vernon - I'll Run to You
Joe Hardy - Hold Me Still
Him + Her Worship - All Along
Far and Wide - Teach Me To Trust
Mitchell Borrows - The Kingdom (Radio Edit)
Kristen Mark Westwood - Rope Burns
Ashton & Jenna Dalfino - Earthquakes (For My Good & Your Glory)
International Show - Therapy Session
Saint James - In Time (Kyros Remix)
Quinten Coblentz - From the Roof (feat. YB)
Mission - God Way (feat. Marc Stevens)
Bl1nd3d - Breathe (feat. KJ-52, Caleb)
Reconcile - Unconditional
Oh-So, Paul Russell, Lawren - Reminiscing
MJx Music - Silence (feat. Jodie Jermaine)
Wolves At The Gate - Drifter
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