"Right Here Right Now (Commentary)"

Jordin Sparks:
With 'Right Here Right Now’, we started out with the production first
Dem Joints produced it and I was just immediately taken by the track it just felt so different from anything that Id heard. And, I really love stuff like that, like I love being able to hear things and it just piques my interest and I'm like "Oh, okay thats different". So it took while we had the track for a while before we kinda , were like okay lets try and write something to it cause the track was just so amazing and so intricate.
James Fauntleroy came in and he wrote "No Air" my amazing, amazing single that Ive been blessed to sing for the past eight years, and I will for the rest of my life
He came in and literally did the song in two hours. Like he was just in the booth and he was in there for so long and I couldn't see him cause the lights were turned off. He was in there for so long at one point I looked at my manager and was like "Is he okay?"

But he’s absolutely incredible. And I love the song and the song is basically saying like " I wanna know what would happen if we kissed right now" you know I'm sure there's a ton of people that have been in any type of anywhere, a bar or the dance floor or seeing somebody at a library. But you make eye contact with that person and the thought goes through your head "I wonder what would happen right now if we would be able to kiss or to talk or our hands to touch" and thats what I love about the song but I also love the big international feel of it.
And also being able to experiment with my voice . And being able to sing in a different place. People are so used to hearing me belt, its been really nice to be able to just kinda experiment in other place.
See I really, really love this song and thought this would be perfect. You know it's very different from what people have heard from me before but I love it.

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