"1000 (Commentary)"

Jordin Sparks:
Now '1000' is different because its coming from a girl's perspective of a relationship where theres no strings attached.
Shes like " I'm good on with the way things are, um I think you're cute, you think I'm cute. I'm good but we both know what this is. We both know ithat ts nothing serious"
And it was a lot of fun, cause I definetly know the feeling of like "Hey, I'm not really ready for that right now, I love being able to hang out with you, I love spending time with you, but hey lets just take our time"
And J-Doe is also signed to Louder Than Life, so I was very excited to see him jump on. I really loved his verse.
It was definetly unexpected but I loved it and so I wanted to keep it.
So, yeah!
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