"Persian Essentials"


1- This playlist consists of 100 songs that Spotify regularly changes the order of them. If any new song is added, we'll update this list.

2-  Most of the songs are in multiple albums and written with different spellings. We’ll create one page for them with the most used title.

3-  Some of the artist have multiple pages with different spellings. We'll use the name of the page with the most monthly listeners on Spotify.

4- Our source for artist credits is Apple Music.

Updated on November 9th 2019

"Makhlough" by Googoosh
"Chra  Nemiraghassy" by Viguen
"Bia  Benevisim" by Mahasti
"Deleh Divuneh" by Hayedeh
"Age  Ye Rooz" by Faramarz Aslani
"Cheshme Man" by Dariush
"Rood Khooneha" by Ramesh
"Shaneh" by Viguen & Pouran
"Gharibe  Ashena" by Googoosh
"Havar Havar" by Kourosh Yaghmaei
"Del Assire" by Faramarz Aslani
"Saghi" by Hayedeh
"Man Amadeham" by Googoosh
"Kavire Del" by Marjan
"Del Ey Del" by Leila Forouhar
"Daram Ashegh Misham Ashegh" by Betti
"Nazi Naz Kon" by Ebi
"Ey Eshgh" by Dariush
"Gole Bee Goldoon" by Googoosh
"Gole Sang" by Anoushirvan Rohani
"Gole Yakh" by Kourosh Yaghmaei
"Bezan Tar" by Hayedeh
"Niloofar" by Andy & Kouros
"Shabeh Eshgh" by Hayedeh
"Gole Maryam" by Giti
"Tasavor Kon" by Siavash Ghomayshi
"Nefrin" by Sattar
"Soltane Ghalbha" by Aref
"Az Tou Tanha Shodam" by Simin Ghanem
"Ghorbat" by Ebi
"Kooh" by Googoosh
"Miravi" by Soli
"Dastaye Tou" by Dariush
"Soghati" by Hayedeh
"Kavir" by Googoosh
"Vasoonak" by Shahla Sarshar
"Golvajeh" by Ebi
"Talaagh" by Googoosh
"Zemestoon" by Afshin Moghadam
"Shekar" by Ebi
"Mano Tou" by Googoosh
"Majnoone Tou" by Marzieh
"Jashne Deltangi" by Dariush
"Niyayesh" by Kourosh Yaghmaei
"Pol" by Googoosh
"Sekeh Mah" by Marjan
"Hamzabon" by Nooshafarin
"Hichkas Mesle Tou Nabood" by Moein
"Ey Khoda (Donya Dou Roozeh)" by Aref
"Be Man Nagoo Dooset Daram" by Dariush
"Noono Paniro Sabzi" by Ebi
"Yaavar" by Dariush
"Halghe Tala" by Moein
"Doostet Daram Ghade Ye Donya" by Martik
"Yek Darmiyan" by Nazi Afshar
"Khooneh Khali" by Marjan
"Panjareh" by Moein
"Khater Khah" by Ahdiyeh
"Farda Tou Miayee" by Houshmand Aghili
"Bordi Az Yadam" by Viguen & Delkash
"Kalaghha" by Manoochehr Sakhai
"Asal" by Ebi
"Khalij" by Ebi
"Maah" by Martik
"Alam E Yekrangee" by Hayedeh
"Nefrin" by Artoush
"Shahre Gham" by Dariush
"Seeb" by Simin Ghanem
"Faryad" (Ft. Hayedeh) by Anoushirvan Rohani
"Come On! Come On!/ Bodo! Bodo! - Live" by Ebrahim Monsefi
"Khali" by Ebi
"Hamsafar" by Googoosh
"Tange Ghoroobeh" by Dariush
"Gole Sorkh" by Viguen
"Ay Yar Begoo" by Ebi
"Kabotar" by Maziar
"Saz E Zendigi" by Farzin
"Bemoon Ta Bemoonam" by Googoosh
"Bahare Man" by Emad Raam
"Leila" by Kourosh Yaghmaei
"Nimeyeh Gomshodeyeh Man" by Googoosh
"Bahar" by Martik
"Khaar" by Kourosh Yaghmaei
"Mehmoone Aziz" by Faridun Farahi
"Gollake Cheshat" by Simin Ghanem
"Jaane Maryam" by Mohammad Nouri
"Labe Darya" by Ramesh
"Gole Pooneh" by Sattar
"Aashianeh" by Fereidoon Farrokhzad
"Delam Gerefteh" by Golpa
"Chelcheleh" by Hassan Shamaizadeh
"Sogand" by Viguen
"Sahar" by Emad Raam
"Dast Beh Dastmalom" by (Not Sure!)
"The Whale/ Nahang - Live" by Ebrahim Monsefi
"Heleh Dan Dan (Bandari)" by Betti
"Nashnakhteh" by Pouran
"Zemzemeh" by Homayra
"Dast Negah Dar" by Gholam Ali Ravanbakhsh
"Naleh Bar Lab" by Kouros Sarhangzadeh

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