Fresh Finds: Indie 2/3/2021 lyrics


"Touch" - Amiture
"Call Me Up" - Kid Hastings
"tired eyes" - junejam
"Weekend" - Flatlions
"Apple Juice" - Rothrigo
"Mixed" - ZEMBU
"Neon Bells" - Soft Idiot
"GOD" - Merk*
"The Patriots" - Ayoni
"Blue" - Aza Nabuko
"Protathlitis" - MAZOHA
"Redwood" - breaklight
"Park Sounds" - Blue J
"Dark Kept Secret" - EXUM
"Lost in Space" - Joni Fatora
"The A-Train" - Ephan
"Half Rich Loner" - Paul Jacobs
"Honeysuckle" - Addison Grace
"Man of Action" - Anguid
"In The End" - Real Numbers
"Schatze" - Ohtis
"Stones Like Eyes" - Alicia Clara
"Stranger" - pecq

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