Fresh Finds: Indie 2/10/2021 lyrics


"Superstar" - Boyish
"Second hand embarrassment" - underscores
"Sign Here" - Doohickey Cubicle
"Sinatra" - Forrest Nolan
"the fatalist" - girlhouse
"FAILSAFE" - Bruu.
"Do You Wanna" - Nana Yamato
"Clouds" - Rocco
"One Like You" - Matt Monoogian
"Coward" - Drew Jodi
"Faxing It In" - Smushie
"Fruit Bats" - Freeds*
"Lost" - Tearj*rker
"Fitting Room" - Sloping
"Circles" - Juliet Quick
"Motovun" - Blue Canopy
"Alas, Alas" - Matahara
"Terry's Car" - Brendan Hendry
"Tamaryn (Wherever I Am)" - RINSE*
"The Station" - hidingthehurt
"Butterflies" - Eve Adams
"Haircut" - Kinlaw*
"Lucifer" - Blair Lee
"Showers" - Bored at My Grandmas House
"Last Summer in Tokyo" - Openness
"Kennecott" - Hayden Everett
"Talk" - Popcoin
"Moonlight" - Art Okoro
"Pyro" - Stevie Zita
"Point of View" - Amnita
"oh ya i" - JEWELRY
"Hoagy's Reality" - Modern Bodies
"Diagram" - Altre di B
"What Did You Say" - DAGR
"To the Power Of" - Swallowtail
"Prepositional Phrase" - Aidan Noell
"skydiving" - MILKK
"red dirt" - Juliet Sunflower
"Long Way Down" - Ybañez

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