Fresh Finds: Indie 2/17/2021 lyrics


"Down That Road" - Quarters of Change
"I Am The Prophet" - Lady Dan
"Hollow" - Dean Drouillard
"Original Sins" - Sandy Hawkins
"Think Too Much" - Hannah Jadagu
"The Ease" - T. G. Shand
"I Am in an Emotional Coma" - Halo Kitsch
"Cupid's Victim" - Sedona
"How'd It Come to This" - Joss Mogli
"I Used To Be A Better Man" - Small Sins*
"Close the Distance" - Ya Tseen
"Looking Sexy" - Bubba Janko
"The Canyon" - Inky Nite
"Lonely b*t*h" - AVIV
"Catastrophes" - Piles of Clothes
"Mirror Fight" - Airplane Man
"(i swear) i'll never leave you" - Pacific
"quitter" - Sydney Sprague
"chloroform" - Slow Connection
"Playing Along" - Beth Lee
"Wish Erase" - tomemitsu
"Harley Davidson" - So Badly
"Under an Ocean of Holes" - Minor Moon
"My Daily Existential Crisis" - Jesop

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