Ryan Leslie


[Producer Tag] La-di-da-di

[Pre Chorus]
Love feel like a set up
It only go good just to let up
I hope this time go better
I don’t want advice you should shut up
They say love is overrated I say so what
Told them I don’t want advice and they can shut up
Please don’t say our life a wreck until it blow up
Maybe this is how I learn love

All these little b*t*hes wanna medal baby
I just wanna see us going levels baby
I just wanna see us doing better baby

[Verse 1]
Ass fat damn I got a flashback
Back stabs yeah I won’t allow that no
She slays and she knows
It’s not what you want til you need it
I'll set the pace can you keep it
I can’t always be there whеn she need me
Will she stay or will shе leave
She set me up with ease
I put the blame on me
My thoughts been on repeat
Real love don’t skip beats
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