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Infinity Crush


You're sitting in your room
And the world spins around you
Do you feel me where you are?
Do you think of me at all?
And all we have is time
And I grow with you for a while
Then you run ahead of me
And I'm left pretending
Love the way you stare at my body like a car
Crashing back into the earth
Do you know the way this hurts?

You know my name and you know my body
And it feels like heaven when you just watch me
You know I think of you in everything I do
Just tell me the truth, you can just tell me the truth
Feels like the first time snow has hit the ground
The stillness that you bring every time you come around

Heaven hurts and heaven stings
And heaven feels like nothing
I get too high, I sleep it off
I wake up, the rain, pure and soft
It's like a song I never learned
Your face so pure, the way it burns
I only have my little words
Powerless against the hurt

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