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Infinity Crush


In Minnesota, it's raining quiet like a dream
And the birds all fly south like a halo over me
And I could stay here forever with you just watching me
You're like water, the way that you bleed through everything

Come pick me up, come take me down
We can just drive around, we can just kiss on the mouth
Come touch my hair, come let me stare
I just wanna watch you move like a light across the room

And you have this quiet force about you
There's physics to just wanting you
I'm in your snowglobe for a moment
You shake me up and watch me move
And it's just like me to chase something
That I know that I can never have
But it's nice to think about your figure
Just standing in the tall grass

And I'm staying up all night again, I'm sitting on the roof
Hoping that the wind that touches me might touch you too
You know I'm living through these days
And I'm just looking for relief
Waiting for a second where I don't feel anything
And I guess winter's always coming, or it's just about to leave
We're happy for a moment, and then we blink

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