Infinity Crush

"​pink moon"

Wake up from the dream where you kiss me when you're sober
I see you in the light, then I blink and then it's over
Wasn't life so good when I would meet you in the garden?
You'd say my name forever like it was a song
You know‚ the sunset's not so pretty
When you look straight at the light
I never learn my lesson‚ I always burn my eyes

Drive into the street like it's any other Thursday
I almost see your face as I merge onto the highway
I think of you forever like a long expanding field
You take up so much space in every way I feel
You know‚ the world is always spinning
And we're just here for the ride
I hope that through earth's movements, we finally collide

My body's like a wave, always moving towards you
You look at me that way and I know that I can't have you
But wasn't life so pretty when I'd meet you in the water?
You'd say a little prayer before ever going under
You know I'd stand and wait for you to come and swim up
I'd wait and wait forever but I guess that wasn't enough

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