Infinity Crush


Love the way you stare in the mirror when I'm there
And you tell me you don't care about me
I'm trapped inside the dream where you love me
And you tell me that I am free like

The birds that fly above
The whole world and can't know love
And I am far from everything
That's ever touched me

Perform my rituals right before I sleep
So I can have the dream where you want me
And somehow in the dark, I have lost my shape
And I just want you to take me home to

The place where I am free
The mountains inside my dreams
I never asked for anything
Some warmth, some safety

Do you love what you've done
Like a sickness in the dark
That comes and distorts
Everything I thought?
But I am beautiful without you
I am beautiful without you
I am learning life without you
I'm so beautiful

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