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Infinity Crush


In my fantasy, it's all green
It's all green
And you're here with me
I'm not real, I am free
I am free

I take my clothes off when it gets too warm
And I can't breathe when you look at me
We don't have to do a thing, just lie here with me
Just lie

I try not to see you when I close my eyes
But it's like water on the ground
Uncontained disperse around
You know I still love you like
The way the snow falls down
It's so soft but so destructive
Its beauty counterproductive
I keep finding myself
Back inside your room
I really thought that I could change
I really thought it'd be the same

But you're looking at me different
You want the person, I'm the picture
Of who I was, of who you loved
It's not enough
It's not enough

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