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Infinity Crush


Get in my car and I just drive to where you are
And  it's like heaven isn't far, it's just a few miles away
And  it's just starting to rain
I drift in and out of the room where you live
Like I'm a dream that's traveling
And  I come to you like a prophet
Any  time you want it

I wanna die next to you while I'm saying something boring
I  wanna die next to you and do it every morning
My body's running out of time
So I just let my hair down
And look at you that way you like
And  try to keep my food down
This life is small and full of pain
But you could make me dinner
Screaming through the summer rain
We wake up all your neighbors

It's always been you that I wanna run to
Just leave on a light, and I will come home soon
I know you don't like a lot of things about me
But if you close your eyes, then you can just feel me
Baby, please
Baby, please
Baby, please

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