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Unh  huh
Now get em x3
Get em higher and higher
Til  we reach the oblivion
Verses  filled with resilience
Never stopping at periods
Continuous  lyricist
And I’m popping out
The chrysalis
And I ain’t innocent
I  Killed like 5 rappers
You see me n*gga
I been rapping since the pyramids
Ain’t heard this sound
In a while
So You think it’s
Some different sh*t
No matter how I’m spitting it
My rhyme is always militant
You think you nice ?
n*gga we will never be equivalent
Your bars is chicken pox
b*tch I’m sick like
It antithesis for you
To come and try to
Spit my sh*t
You reach a capacity
My mind
This sh*t is limitless
Now raise your hands
One more time
So you can feel this sh*t

Now get em (higher)
Get em (higher)

I know see my future vividly
I’m controlling the symphonies
We getting higher and higher
Into the industry
Who really want it when
A n*gga coming lyrically
And you can try
But you ain’t never gonna
Finish me
When I spit it’s like imagery
Killed the beat with efficiency
Rapping I’m the epitome
Flowing with the fluidity
All you n*ggas I’m killing
You lose and I’m
The winner see ?
I told y’all last time g
You f*ckers
Can’t stop OG

Get them hands up Higher

I said get em up
Higher (x2)

Aight that’s all y’all get for now

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