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[Verse: Phillip Mweemba]
Depressions been resting on my soul for like a minute now
Someone please put the Glock to my top click blow
Bullet going through my cerebral cortex
It could be the end of me trapped in a spinning vortex
My own smile is something I haven’t even seen for a while
Only a permanent frown as I Drown in my own tears of a clown
Finding comfort in the darkness
Event that have transpired have fractured my thought process
Trying so hard to heal but I’m making no progress
It’s too late for Phillip he’s become more heartless
Maybe when I fall people will actually care
Even the ones who betrayed me would wish they were actually there
That seems to happen a lot these days
The second they’re hear you’re dead you’ll just get more plays
Getting your heart trampled and stomped on by a female
But wait for my mixtape if you want more detail
All I do Fantasize about my own death
I don’t have much to lose i got nothing else left
Maybe when I’m deceased I will actually find peace
That would be better than being tuck in a constant state of grief
I’m only 21 I can’t give up now
There’s like 10 people that I need to make proud
Can’t let dumb decisions from a girl be the death of me
Roundhouse kicking all these demons who keep tempting me
Spending every moment being haunted by my memories
Up at 3am for reason breathing heavily
Hopefully my heart’ll be able to beat easily
And I hope you can feel what I feel through this melody
Slip like Freudian in your first and last step to playing your like an accordion

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