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[Intro: Frodo]
(n*gga reversed)

[Verse 1: Frodo]
Dude dont tell anyone
But i took off my phone case for the first time in 5 months
And there was c*m inside it!
Was so f*cking disgu$tingggg
A n*gga gagged like a b*tch sucking BBC on blacked.com
No cap my speaker
sh*t was clogged!
Maybe with c*m or some sh*t
Was pretty disgusting
Maybe vaseline as well
Had to use a toothpick!
Baby yo di*k is a toothpick!

Did you know that?
I didn't

n*gga boyyy!

n*gga just say yo sh*t already!

[Verse 2: Monkeh]

ID monkey comin right in
New era hip hop sh*t right here
All the other rappers, yeah n*gga they wack
Instant Death comin to u and flippin out

Went to the store right
Saw a bunch of black people (n*gga what)
They were trying to fight
So I shot them with my desert eagle (n*gga what)
Yeah I hate n*ggers (n*gga what) and I hate card dealers (n*gga what)
Lost a bet once to a n*gga named di*k beetle (n*gga what)

Yo n*gga I got a serious question (n*gga what)
This got to do with serious problems and depression
Why be racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic
When you could just end it all just with one bullet

My lyrics don't have meaning in them nah
And I feel like this verse isn't long enough
But I don't have the creativity to extend it nah
Suck my di*k ID monkey signing out

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