"Come Now"

I never thought I'd be left in this hole
With the candle and no match to strike on the wall
The encryptions I feel on the way to the door
They remind me of things I did on this floor

Even though the weather's wild
We search the streets to find a crowd
I can't believe there's no one left
To hold our hands when we're upset

And when they're falling arms go down
We'll be the [?]
Those warnings of our casualties
Were walking in the depth of me

Whether the passion is real
Or just affection to pill
I'll be the one to die
You'll be the one caught surprised
Look what you're hiding in secret
I won't be following[?]

Come to us drifting out of the way
Ghost losing the charge of yourself
Fall down till there's no way to go home
It's the decision to lay down
Only invisible feelings of hatred
[?] make you see, make you crawl
Make you promise that no one could possibly do

Come now
Stay awhile
You could be my home [?]

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