James Morrison

"Reach Out"

[Verse 1]
Is that the sound of silence breaking?
All this time we've been waiting
Like a train that never leaves the station now, now
So what's it takes to get this moving?
It's just a chance at a life we're losing
All this love that we're letting down, down

So baby please don't tell me you're gonna watch me fall
You know I'm only human
So don't leave me in ruins

I'm begging you to reach out
I'm still trying to hold out my hand
I'm begging you to reach out, reach out
It should be an easy thing to do, oh
But deep down
In our hearts you know there's a chance
Begging you to reach out, reach out
Begging you to reach out, reach out

[Verse 2]
It's all noise, no communication
Where's the love that we should be making?
And it's there for the taking now
I'm so close to feeling something
Between us there's next to nothing
How long before we close this whole thing down, down?
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