"Where U At"

[English Translation]
You know
Time flows like stars
You don’t know your future
So where you at baby
Lets ride with me

Time passes and I’m already in the 10th grade
But I haven’t done anything so I’m worried about my future
Afraid of the reality, I become timid these days
I can feel it when I look at some of those friends that study
We learned that money isn’t everything in life
But the school implores you to earn a lot of money when you’re older
Seeing successful people it makes me wonder ‘how much that person making?’
Well, that’s what’s on my mind

The guys are still interested in pretty girls and celebrities
Well I can’t help it either I just go with the flow
Despite flipping through the pages of the book I still feel anxious
The only thing we take from the words we don’t understand is sleepiness and exhaustion
Oh, there isn’t one thing that I’m good at
Does this world need somebody like me?
Boy, you’re not an adolescent any longer
I don’t have anymore excuses to give, where am I going
Where u at
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