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"Can We [original title unknown]"

[RM의 Can We 가사]

Can we 다시 돌아 갈 수는 없는 걸까 no
이미 돌이켜 뻔히 이건 당황한 글 봐
내 쪽지만 못해 줬어 미안하고 늘
좋았던 마음만큼은 진짜 욕다고도

I wanna tell you 이 노래가 뭐
너에겐 tell you 니 난 있지 말 즐겁겠던 [?] 흘려
왜 쓰는 내가란 허점 안쓰러워
이 불통 이별은 후 이젠 가슴에 쓸어
다음 배 버려 더 강하는 그른 꿈 대한 진상
어느 날 감짝스럽게 이젠 다 그만 더 잘 말
그 건 갑자기가 아니었어
사실 나도 이 느낌 대충은 느꼈었고도 알았었어

그냥 뭐 그동안 많이 즐거웠다고
확실이 모르겠지만 사랑 느꼈었다고
다른 남자처럼 이별 앞에 끝이야
헤어지고 싶지 않아 my girl 이젠 goodbye


Can we dasi dol-a gal suneun eobsneun geolkka no
Imi dol-ikyeo ppeonhi igeon danghwanghan geul bwa
Nae jjogjiman moshae jwoss-eo mianhago neul
Joh-assdeon ma-eummankeum-eun jinjja yogdagodo

I wanna tell you i nolaega mwo
Neoegen tell you ni nan issji mal jeulgeobgessdeon [?] heullyeo
Wae sseuneun naegalan heojeom an sseuleo
I bultong ibyeol-eun hu ijen gaseum-e sseul-eo
Da-eum bae beolyeo deo ganghaneun geuleun kkum daehan jinsang
Eoneu nal gamjjagseuleobge ijen da geuman deo jal mal
Geu geon gabjagiga anieoss-eo
Sasil nado i neukkim daechung-eun neukkyeoss-eossgodo al-ass-eoss-eo

Geunyang mwo geudong-an manh-i jeulgeowossdago
Hwagsil-i moleugessjiman salang neukkyeoss-eossdago
Daleun namjacheoleom ibyeol ap-e kkeut-iya
Heeojigo sipji anh-a my girl ijen goodbye

[English Translation]

Can we turn back or not, no
I’m already turning back obviously, look at this absurd writing
I’m only sorry I couldn’t give you this note and
As much as I always liked you I cursed you in it, too

I wanna tell you this song is, well
I wanna tell you your “it’s me” words had happily [?] flows
Why is the weak point called me so pitiful
After this cut-off breakup now I sweep out my chest
Next time I’ll more strongly throw away the truth of this evil dream
One day, surprisingly, the words “it’s better to end everything now”
All of the sudden that wasn’t true
Honestly I kind of felt and knew this feeling too

It’s just that, well, during that time I said I was really happy
Although I don’t know for sure, I said it felt like love
Like other men after a breakup it’s over
I don’t want to break up, my girl, now goodbye

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