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"BTS - Outro: Circle Room Cypher (English Translation)"

Rap Monster: Hurry up, hurry-hurry-hurry-hurry-hurry-hurry-hurry
Jungkook: School is over!
Jin: I'm hungry, I'm hungry
V: I wanna eat Nanakon...
Jin: I'm hungry, I'm hungry... I'm hungry
Suga: (School is finally over~)
V: Ah hyung, go, go, go
J-Hope: (Finally~)
Rap Monster: I'll give you 500 won, come back with 600 won

Suga: Quiet, quiet, quiet! Hey, I wrote a killer beat
Jungkook: Again? Again?
(Jin: We record every day...
V: What do we always record)

Suga: I know we record everyday, but!
Jimin: But!
Suga: But!
Jimin: But!
V: Again is alright
Jin: Again? Damn
V: It's alright
Jimin: Just as expected...
Suga: I know, I know, I know
Rap Monster: Let's enjoy, same day!
V: It's okay to do it every day
Rap Monster: Tiresome same beat!

Suga: Should I, haha, should I play it? Should I not?
Others: Okay, let's listen, listen
Suga: You guys judge!
Others: Okay, okay
Jimin: We'll see how well you've recorded it
Suga: Play? Hey, do I play it? Do I play it?
V: Do it well!~

[Suga plays his beat]

Jimin: It's alright!
V: Really?
Suga: Hey, how is it? How is it?
Others: It's not bad
V: I like it
Jin: It's great

Suga: Hey, it's been a while, how about a cypher?
Jimin: Cypher?
Everyone: Cypher!~
Suga: Let's go big with a cypher, shall we?
Jimin: Ahh~ I'm nervous!
Suga: Let's do it, yes?
Rap Monster: Hyung you go first, hyung first, hyung first
Suga: Yo, hey, alright then, we'll start with me
V: Go Suga, go...
Suga: Suga! Okay, I'll start, yo, uh
Others: (Go Suga! Go Suga! Go Suga!)
Suga, uh, yo, uh

[Verse 1: Suga]
My name is S-U-G-A
Other rappers are all behind me
Same as always, I tease my tongue
This way and that over this beat
All your rap makes me sleepy
Shall we rewind the CD?
Our music makes the women cry
Our name is Bangtan
What's coming out of your mouth right now... Exclamation?

Others: (Exclamation?!)
J-Hope: Hey, don't fool around
Suga: Who's next? Next, Next
Rap Monster: Oh, this music is good
J-Hope: (Rap Monster?)
Suga: Who? Rapmon?
Rap Monster: Now, get this
Others: Yo Rapmon! Yo Rapmon!

[Verse 2: Rap Monster]
I'm a cool boy
I'm a nice boy
But my voice is low
You're one shot, I'm four shots
I'm the Igatan that heals you
You can do rap, I do it well
You are ribbon pig
I do it with my feet
Comme Des, Rolex, Dior, Hermes
All words that suit me
But for you, it's 'tacky or trashy'
No, 'Pompeii'
You just erupted, cover up those mountains
Wait, guys, I need to pee

Others: Oh~ho~!
J-Hope: Nwappwappwappwa wow
Rap Monster: Seriously, I need to go
BTS: Go Jungkook! Go Jungkook! (Rap Monster: Jeon Jungkook!)
BTS: Go Jungkook! (Rap Monster: Jeon Jungkook!)

[Verse 3: Jungkook]
Today again, got ya
My time freestyle rapping
If you measure up, it's brand name setting
Suited to an MC, all that MCM
Gucci, Alexander McQueen
This isn't my first time rapping
It's different now, I'm walking along the beat
I cover them all during the summer, then I catch them all
Jungkook, look at me, look at me, look at me

BTS: Wahhh~!!
Suga: Who's next? Who's next? Next
V: Ah, should I do it?
BTS: Go Taehyung! Go Taehyung! Go Taehyung!

[Verse 4: V]
Then I'll go, cypher
Alright, so I heard the hyungs rap well
Namjoon hyung's lyrics, he's all mature now
Their rap skills are nearly back to back
It's compliment, now quit it
Hobi hyung is in front of me, he's getting tense now
What's making you nervous? Go make us some kimchi
Daegu dialect, it's alive!
Yoongi hyung, you alive, son

BTS: Aaah~!!
Rap Monster: He's alive!
J-Hope: Now J-Hope has to come forth, J-Hope, okay?
BTS: Hobi on his way! Hobi on his way!
J-Hope: (Uh uh yo uh yo)

[Verse 5: J-Hope]
This is a skit in our music
I'll show you my blade-like skill
My, my, my, my, my name is J-Hope
I'm so cool, I don't even leave a trace
Like that pose
God Damn, I'm the hip hop that Gwangju gave birth to
This is the start to Jeolla-do's rap
I'll shake you up until you go bust
Because we're really smashing

BTS: (Oh~Ohh~!)
Rap Monster: Ok, now Jin hyung?
BTS: Go march! Go march! Go march!
Suga: (Oh, Jin hyung is also gonna do it?)
Rap Monster: Ya ah, it's getting bigger
Jin: Yeah

[Verse 6: Jin, All]
My name is Jin (Jin!)
I'm the most handsome
My nickname, Jindda
But keep shaking your books, you'll fall out, yeah
(Rap Monster: Yeah, and then what?)
Yeah, so my nickname is Jin (Jin!)
So my stage name is Jin (Jin~!)

Rap Monster: Hey, who, who, who's left?
BTS: Yo uh, Jimin?
Jimin: Shall I show you? Shall I show the strength of the vocal team?
BTS: Go Jimin! Go Jimin! Go Jimin!

[Verse 7: Jimin]
Yo, yo, my name is Jimin
My rap makes the vocal team wet their pants
Taehyung, please get up, you smell a little fishy
Look me up in advance

BTS: Ah...... What was that... Leave, leave, leave, leave
Rap Monster: Ah, what was that, go then
BTS: (Go, go, go, go...)
Jimin: Sorry
V: I knew you were gonna diss me
Jimin: I won't do it again
Suga: I don't think you should rap... Go...
BTS: (Migrate, migrate, migrate, migrate) (Go migrate)
Jimin: Sorry!
V: (Sorry hahahaha)
BTS: Leave!

[Outro: BTS]
Suga: Hey, now that our cypher's over, how about we go out and eat?
V: (To Incheon?)
Rap Monster: I don't wanna eat
Jimin: (What, ah, I'm so hungry I could die)
Jungkook: Hey, Suga, let's go eat lobster soondae
Suga: Let's go! I'll treat you all!
Rap Monster: I get sick, I'm not gonna eat any
Jimin: Hey, let's go

Jungkook: Only Nanakon from earlier
J-Hope: See ya tomorrow, Namjoon
Suga: Hey, I'm leaving, Namjoon
Rap Monster: Seriously, this is too much
Jimin: Hyung, we're leaving
Rap Monster: Go! Go go! Go!
Jin: Stay put~

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