"RM Pre-debut Song Guide"

RM’s Predebut Discography and Chronology

Note: All dates are based on the earliest surviving record of the song. It’s possible that some songs are older than the date listed. The name to the left of the song is the name RM released the song under, if known. Names of additional collaborators are written to the right of the song title in brackets.

As Runch Randa: “Jungle” [LUPE, Suprema, 윤달 (yoondal)]
As Runch Randa: “Collabo/Untitled Collab” [Tailess]
As Runch Randa: “Check the Voice” [라이머, 문화의사대, Black $heep, rap k.o, 문스피어, Kwind, TL, 몽숭이, Star Yankie, 찌질보이, 대포, BLAGI]
As Runch Randa: “7 Dayz” [Popinjay]
As Runch Randa: “필청 최고인듯 (f**k c*ckroachez)” [Nacseo (Zico)]
As Largo: “LaLaLa” [이얀 (Eiyan), 201호]
As Largo: 녹음물 (untitled recording) [Uglyduck]
As Largo: Favorite Style [Yammo]
As Runch Randa: “Can We [original title unknown]”
As Runch Randa: “The Realest” [김거덕]
As Runch Randa: “Kanji Player” [Tangent]

As Runch Randa: “Wicked Man”
As Runch Randa: “2009년 2번째 94년생 단체곡 (2009's Second 94-Liners Group Rap)” [Supreme Boi (as Suprema), 삼순, 윤달, Kyum2, LUPE, Wildbuck]
As Randa: “일단 들어봐 (Listen First)”
As Randa: "잿빛 도시(Gray City)"
As Randa: “The Swagger” [Supreme Boi (as Suprema), Kronic Flow, Kyum2]

As 김남준 (Kim Namjoon): SEVENTEEN
As 김남준 (Kim Namjoon): Dreamin’
As B.P.B (An old acronym of BTS/방탄소년단. Individual members were not credited by name on these songs): Hook 가요 [IRON, Supreme Boi]
Unknown: Where U At?
As B.P.B: We Are B.P.B [IRON, Supreme Boi]
As B.P.B: 재 (Ashes) [Lim Jeong-Hee] [IRON]
As B.P.B: Love U, Hate U [2AM] [IRON, Supreme Boi]
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