"Been Through It"

500 shells in the rifle
Even when you doing good read the Bible
We live forever young no suicidal
Two middle fingers up to my rivals (f**k y'all)
I been through it I been through it
I won’t do it again but my first M I blew it
I don't do [?] I get to it
All my cars [?] no [?]

[Verse 1]
f**k n***a cross me
I trapped in the crosses I'm trippin’ like Kobe had crossed me
I gotta keep cool cause karma will cost me
I used to love her but she lied so she lost me
Spent a 20 right in Neiman's
Pay no attention got pulled over speeing
Thank God it wasn't on me and I'm breathing
Call mom's and told her I love her and I mean it
Brand new Margiela's on my feet
My Glock don't jam so I damn couldn't cheat
Cookie bag’s for the fam let ’em eat (cook)
I don't sell grams you can get it by the key
I been f**kin’ since a youngin (swear)
Bricks in the attic stash money in the dungen
Buss it down break it down beat it with your bunions
Hustle be 100 and you make a lot of hunnids (swear)
My L's in the past I'm a winner
I feel good good wood when I'm with her
Chickens for the low and the tenders came tender
She suck cash out whatever you can send her (flippa)
Whatever you can send her
My ice real your’s cloudy let it simmer (watch it)
Diamonds shine bright sunlight watch it shimmer
I just got the Bimmer back and n***as acting bitter (650)
50k stuffed in my Balmain's
Buy a new bag for my main thang
In the bando get paid when the door swang
I'm a millionaire now from a no name(Flippa!)
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