Ye Ali


RSAVAGE on the beat

I'ma pull up to the spot, I got them tings on me
You can run up if you want, I keep the ting on me
I got all my n***as ridin', I got the team on me
I'ma pull up to the spot, I keep them tings on me
Somebody told me they made me, well I been at this for a while
Yeah, first I created the wave, now they try jackin' my style
That's why I keep a small circle, I don't f**k with nobody else
Don't mention me with them lame n***as, my n***a I did it for real

I know I'm dope, know I'm dope, know I'm dope, man I keep it that raw
Man I came out to the city and first month I slept in the car
Dopeman and Pablo rollin 'round the city, slept in my garage
Now I'm finessing this music sh*t, now I take trips to the spot
f**k all these old n***as man I'm 'bout to come and take all they spot
You looking at me like you hard, n***a I might pull up and park
Ballin' like Mike Bibby, man like my business
My n***as they ridin' with me, 'til the life sentence, woo

I see them n***as in the street, man I don't believe them n***as man
n***as keep talkin' 'bout they havin' things man
n***as' jewelry lookin' funny man
Know what I'm talkin' 'bout man, get your mind on your sh*t man
I see your jewelry came up quick
Yeah, know what I mean, you know
Can you see that other picture, tell me who is that?

I don't f**k with these n***as
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