Angels & Airwaves


[First Verse]
Can you come on, out of the cold
How do we make it out alive

Get a weapon, locking the door
Staying awake to stay alive

Kill the fallen, knife in the back
Plan of attack, a beady eye

As you follow, head out the pack
Flood out the rat and stab em' dry
Got ya' come on, going in deep
Falling asleep, an open door
Get the ballast, crawl up the coast
Pull on the neck and cut the cord
Can you hold it, get me a rope
Combing the lake to find your god
Like a bullet, follow the smoke
Gather the snake and cut it off

Ghosts harrowing front lines
On a lonely cove
And they left behind
A bit of sorrow

You didn't need to count me out
When the final push is a little weight on your neck sometimes
You didn't need to count me out
When you're feeling low, here's a little hand from above
Cause you're on my mind

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