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Jackson Breit

"While I'm Driving"

Barabara bara ba ba yeah

[Verse 1]
First off let me thank you Cam
For one of the hottest tracks I ever heard, goddamn
Thats down right rugged track
Down south loving, that feeling
That catching them vibes, yeah
Goes deep I can feel it through my system
Bass kicking, yeah babe get some
I'm writing down this whole song
While I'm swerving on my drive, yeah yeah
Don't stop got my foot on the pedal
So hot that I can just revolve
To the thump
While i bump bump, badumpa barump bump bump yeah yeah

Now you can find me while I'm driving (driving yeah)
You can find me on the road (yeah)
You ain't gon catch me when I'm flying (no no no no)
Don't ever forget that I told you so (yeah yeah)

[Verse 2]
Now gimme the gimme the wheel
While i feel, while they honkin at me chill baby chill
What's the motherf*ckin deal
Can't you see that I'm writing a song
Bout righting my wrong
While I'm driving along (yeah)
I-85 South
Headed to New Orleans babe know what I'm about
With sweet Babe Marmalade laid right up in the drive
Hot damn diggity boom boom, boom pow


Shawty sweet gimme the beat
Dj Grumble and JB
Remember me
In the S H A D E (yeah)

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