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Esben And The Witch

"Making the Heart of a Serpent"

Hear my tongue, my
Heaving lungs
Expelling notes
Open throat

Sing your secrets
I'll be your healer
Writhe that body
To the ceiling

Read my lips
I speak of bliss
Spider's threads
Pour from my head

Your spiral
Slowly unravel
For me

The animal that was doomed to crawl
Now the gods are in your jaws
Faces looming behind the fangs
A gateway to more wicked lands

Suspended in air, a ladder, a spire
Trembling with a bad desire
Desperate to pierce, the hungry creature
Hissing devil speaker

Even the most subtle of beasts
Can be coaxed into a nervous sleep
To teach of fervour, to be a king
To be the master of a terrible thing

So hold my gaze, I'll watch you climb
Taming the fiend that wants to bite
With a fluid of fire, spirit and air
I am the magnetizer!

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