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Esben And The Witch

"The Wolf's Sun"

You shine, a slice of silver light
And I am tethered to my kite
Bound by beams, your pearly rays
A Queen, whose name I'll gladly praise

So lead me through the dark
Your fingers clawing at my heart
Clutching me against your breast
Inside your crook, I'll lay my head

A rock, our mother of the sky
Now all your children are on fire
They burn, they play, the night is here
The sky is full of glowing spheres

So cut the coal, my gleaming knife
And mow the black away with white
A lambent beacon, beckoning
The mad to howl and the wolves to sing

Wolves to sing!

My siren, I'm sailing
Through misty seas and marshes
I'll row the boat on sad lakes
With sad tides, under mountains

My mirror, shine brightly
In darkness you call me
I'll follow your halo
My lover, I'm weaker

Light it is blooming
A madness consuming
Inside your head, inside your hands
In love! I'm raptured!

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