Kinetic world
Its a kinetic world , but sitting still’s so typical
I’m fighting, flexing my lyricals till’ ship sets sail
So many things look good until you lift the veil
I’m standing here in the flesh, like the Chippendales
Promoting positive easy said hard to live it
But every time I spit it brings me closer to my wishes
And I keep youngins in mind, when I write my rhymes
If I'm ashamed to recite my lines, my sight is blind
And I'm fine, thank you, I'll pa** on your nonsense
Rapping bout cars, hoes, your ego has lost it
Me? I'm foolish, I make mistakes all the time
And been so broke on my grind I put my rent on the line
But I'm good, Living life, tryna navigate right
Through wack relations I bounced, but not without fights
Addicted like a drug where leaving took three tries
But finally saying bye, was my first real high(hi), get it?

Verse 2 Fashawn
A Cali state of mind everyday I’m in
Before I start my day, I pray, say amen
In about every state in the USA got friends
I keep it moving n***a “k.i.m.”
Half a knot in my “orisue” jeans feeling fresh
As I roll through the “f” sh*ts changed since I left
How you been? maintaining in the days I reflect
On the days moving trays making my way through the ‘jects
Yes, I’m back made it across the almanac
Canada to france but I plan to hit japan
Count some yen couple grand vacate take the fam
Hit the water touch the sand pack my luggage then scram
It’s Santiago, handsome “el guapo”, rock shows from arizona to Ireland
Been to a lot of places but I’m Fresno zone
Honestly I can't wait to go home, n***a I keep it moving