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George Gershwin

"Kickin’ the Clouds Away"

I just heard a spiritual
One that every phonograph should own
I know when you hear it, you will
Find that all your troubles have flown
When the sky looks cloudy to you
When the blue is turning gray
It'll make the sun say "howdy" to you
It'll drives your cares away
Get up and stand up on your toes
This is the way it goes:

Come on along!
You can't go wrong!
Kickin' the clouds away
Keep makin' hay
Kickin' the clouds away

Be wise and take it to heart
And you will laugh from the start
To the end of a perfect day

Get in the swing
Give it a fling
Kickin' the clouds away
Live while you may
Shouting a big, "Hey! Hey!"

It's not so easy to do
What of it all when you're through?
You'll love it, follow the dancing crowds
And kick the clouds

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