My Man’s Gone Now lyrics

George Gershwin

My man's gone now
Ain't no use a listenin'
For his tired footsteps
Climbin' up the stairs

Old man sorrow
Come to keep me company
Whisperin' beside me
When I say my prayers

Ain't that I mind workin'
Workin' means travelers
Journeyin' together
To the promised land

But old man sorrows
Marchin' all the way with me
Tellin' me that I'm old now
Since I lose my man
Since I lose my man

Old man sorrow
Sittin' by the fireplace
Lyin' all night long
Burnin' my bed

Tellin' me the same thing
Mornin' noon and evenin'
That I'm all alone now
Since my man is dеad
Since my man is dead

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