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Your sh*t bland, my sh*t lethal
You got some fans, I got one-point-three percent of people
It's a nation of all of us, I might run for office
I will win if I try, f**k, if Trudeau could do it, so can I
Epic gamer, commentator
Alt-right gateway nihilist (Oh)
Pain always await the pleasure
And you seen how good my life is (Yeah)
Got my flow from the Backstreet Boys (Yeah)
Got my drugs from Billie Eilish (What?)
Got my attitude from you (Uh-huh)
And got my DNA from Vikings
I'm son of a God, all from the cost
Swing my d**k until I take off
They said I would never be balling
But I literally have a ball
And it bounces, like bounce, bounce, bounce
I could dribble it a little bit
I think it ring a Belle Delphine and her tongue hangs out

f**k, I think I killed the vibe
Alright, lemme try something

Fy fan vad jag mår bra
Goddamn, I feel amazing (Yeah)
How can I explain it? In Sweden..

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