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Viktor Vaughn

"Back End"

[Viktor Vaughn]
Dub it off your man, don't spend that ten bucks
I did it for the advance, the back end sucks
It's better than sittin up in a crack den wit the Mac 11
Yellin at your fiends and friends to duck
There's feds at the door, oh it's just Fed Ex
I thought I heard walkie talkies, must've been them redneck
Neighbors of mine they f*ckin with they CB
And we in the spot watchin COPS on TV
Blazin greens, thumpin Big's first cd
Drinkin OE, hopin pigs don't see
If they was psychic, they try to give him the electric chair
It's gettin hectic in here, and it's a election year
Keep this section clear, VIP
Shed a few tears since a knee-hi G
And got more tricks up my sleeve, cough, hick-up and sneeze
Make a emcee sick and dry heave weeze
They must be still allergic to a
Real raw rhymer with skills that's surgical
Take the day off and lay off the crazy water
It don't faze V as he lay up wit your lazy daughter..
With your lazy daughter

[Viktor Vaughn]
...Heat the bake, V came to eat your team steak
And for desert, a treat, the green cake
So much sweets it's a dream, it seem fake
These type fiends make your beat machine break
It's on the fritz, put it on the ritz
And watch what he gets, once his mits is on the glitz
A lot of rappers is soft tit and talk sh*t
They need to do us all a big favor, cork it
..Spit it like raw grits, get it
They better off forfeit admit it
Relaxin in your town, once the tour quit
V keep comin back with more and more hits..
More hits

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