Viktor Vaughn
DOOM on Vik
[Spoken: MF DOOM]
Oh, man, Vik'?
Oh, Vik'—yeah, he's this young cat that
He had this thing down pat, he knew what he was doing
So, you know, he do his thing
Younger cat though, good good dude though
Uh, I hear Viktor—Viktor doing somethi’g with, with, uh, with the Insomniac crew
Yanawha' I mean?
Ah, shit, I don't really know (?)
To me he gone do it, I'd love to hear it though
Vik' is a nasty young MC

[Instrumental Break]

[Spoken: MF DOOM]
Well, Vik' is, you know, to me his shit is like
Man—how can I describe Vik'?
Vik'—you know, DOOM come out, DOOM, guy's a rapper, whatever
But, Vik'—a lot of people compare DOOM to Vik'—or Vik' to DOOM—vice-versa
Now the villain everywhere, yo, the Villain is you, the Villain is me, the Villain is you
But then Vik', he earns his own rights, you know wha' i'm sayin'?
And now he's doing his thing, and he got his own little niche, like people know the difference between the two
Like I respect that, you can't beat that. Priceless