"Me, Denny & Darryl"

[Intro: Ghostface Killah]
Alright, there it go again
Yo, yo

[Verse 1: Ghostface Killah]
Yeah, foreign cars, we coppin' em, hoppin' in with Glocks an' them
Stick up kids on dead-end streets, we pop 'em first, we box 'em in
Behind the wheel the driver's hittin' gas before the oxygen
Tryna find whatever hoes that he can tie a sock up in
To stop the bleedin', lotta reasons, lotta goons, they wanna eat
The money pop a lotta sh*t, the stick-up game is outta season
First time I scoped 'em out in front of subways eatin' pizza
He didn't even peep us
This is practice, thuggin' with free access
Original hitmen, born shooters that wear glasses
Guns that stop traffic, ain't afraid to blast it, b*t*h
This is Iraq iron, not plastic
We hogtie, duct tape, take long drives
You in the trunk, balls-out naked, you gon' die
Any place on God's green Earth you gon' fry
Night-night, ya goin' to bed, but not to the Stuy

[Verse 2: Cappadonna]
Ayo, hempty-dimp, I love rice and shrimp (Uh huh)
If I can't catch the plane then I'm catchin' the blimp (Yeah)
Told brown-skin, "Yeah, you can call me a pimp"
But I'm the real orphan of rap, I got lost in the pack
The streets had me trapped, I ain't know where I was at
Weeded in saucy black jeans, jewelry glossy
Early in the mornin', toast and coffee (Word)
You can't off me, your wack flows suck and exhausts me (Hey)
I got New York heat, 'bout to f**k a chick shortly (C'mon)
I'm bowlegged with dogs, can't none of y'all walk me
Honeys love me, follow me everywhere, stalk me
I'm good with the hoop, ten hut, my army tense up
You can't inch up, don't even flinch up
Honeys get wet and they panties be all drenched up
I'm comin' off the bench like I'm blowin' the bench up
Black crown, black apparel, black nunchucks
36 is hard to kill, we put a fence up
Armored tank, Masta Killa sh*t, black Benz truck
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