"Waffles And Ice Cream"

Ma, Ma
Throw down some money
The ice cream man is coming

[Verse 1]
Yo, Shaolin's finest
What up, Boo? Peace your highness

Let's rewind this
Both get naked and kill the shyness
Wu Tang's timeless, blow out your sinus
Sweet talk that ass into bed, kill 'em with kindness
I'm thinking we should f**k again
Get back to the sucking and
Freak sh*t, all on the road we keep truckin' in
Bottle of rose, double G's on the sneaker
Let me slide in, love, I got respect like Aretha

Ice cream
Ice cream

Watch these rap dudes slide all up in your texts
French vanilla, butter pecan, we complex
Even caramel sundaes, they gon' flex
Scooped in the ice cream truck, let's have sex

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